Describing People in Russian: Appearance

Do you know how to describe your friend, parent, teacher or anyone in Russian? If you don't, just read on and you'll learn some new words and simple examples sentences which help you describe any person's appearance.

Hair (волосы)

Adjectives to describe hair

светлые - blond
темные - dark
рыжие - red
русые - light brown

прямые - straight
кудрявый - curly
короткие - short
длинные - long

Nouns to describe people with different types of hair

блондин/ блондинка - a blond/ a blonde
брюнет/ брюнетка - a brunet/ a brunette
рыжий (рыжеволосый)/ рыжая (рыжеволосая) - red-haired man/woman
лысый (m.)/ лысая (f.) - bald

кудрявый/ кудрявая - curly-haired (man/ woman)
длинноволосый/длинноволосая - long-haired (man/woman)

Note that some words can be both nouns and adjectives at the same time. It is quite common in Russian. For example, рыжий can mean a color of someone's hair and also a person who has red hair.

Face (лицо)

Eyes (глаза)

светлые - light
темные - dark
голубые - blue
зеленые - green
карие - brown
черные - black

большие - big
маленькие - little
узкие - narrow


длинный - long
маленький - small
большой - big

Lips/mouth (губы/ рот)



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